Childhood games teach mediocrity. Simon Says teaches us to blindly follow directions; Duck Duck Goose lets us know that life is a popularity contest; Hide and Seek says that being quiet is the only way to survive; Tag provides this insight: one minute you are “it” and the next you are irrelevant; Dodgeball shows us how to take advantage of people weaker than us because our self-esteem will go up when we deflate others. Kids today deserve a new set of learnings and new rules for life. Ami...

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They're just games to pass time. What does tic-tac-toe teach us? War strategies because violence is the only way to take full control of people?

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I think you're over-analyzing the games. They're kids and most of them don't think about this kind of stuff and I highly doubt these games are causing these qualities in their character/personality. You'd probably have to conduct a longitudinal study to see if this has any merit. I'd hypothesize that it doesn't. Most of us played these games as children and most of us turned out fine. Oh, and all of those qualities aren't always negative.

Or tag teaches you that being "it" is an insult if you can't run fast.

They taught me to win. That's helpful in life

It is easier to adapt than it is to try and reverse an action.

I believe following directions in school is a good thing, don't you think? Those who don't follow teacher's directions, especially at a young age, are likely to do more poorly in academics.

Popularity contest? You mean kinda like in the business world when a well-known brand (e.g. Nike) sells at higher prices because it's name attracts more customers? Every business wants to get to that top stop where it's name is known across the world, so it is just like a popularity contest where kids want to get their name known across the school. They have to win the contest...

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Wow. Someone's sour about their childhood.

Before I make my point, I must say this made me chuckle in a good way.

These games are not meant to teach kids life lessons and only the greatest philosophy prodigy ever would like interpret them as such. These games are instinctual for humans. By that I mean all animals learn and play when they're young so as to teach basic survival skills. Having these types of games is natural, especially for weak omnivores like ourselves.

@comedic_philosopher Before I make my point, I must say this made me chuckle in a good way. These games are not meant to teach kids...

Glad it made you laugh. I was tongue-in-cheek for the most part, It really depends on if teachers and coaches take the time to point out the positive learning from these or any games. Any experience can be positive or negative depending on what you take away from it.

O'Doyle rules!

You don't even want to know what four square taught kids...

@TheBlindMan You don't even want to know what four square taught kids...

Keep your balls in other peoples space, if they don't throw em back, you win.

@TheBlindMan You don't even want to know what four square taught kids...

One minute you're king, the next minute you're a person in line who gets laughed at for allowing stupidity to get the better of you. The king gets to be an asshole to the people in squares one and two, and the gallery and participants in the game are allowed at any time to gang up on one player. Some people have more charisma than others when making such decisions. It's all about charisma/vengeance/popularity/fuck logic.

Once again, another sad attempt by an "enlightened" individual to point out and criticize the upbringing of the current generation. If you want to do that successfully, look to education, not childhood games.

Ah, yes. These wretched games taught me to never speak for myself and to take what others tell me. I'd better go play some Dodgeball to restore my self esteem.


Yeah, guys. This post is extremely metaphorical. I seriously doubt 5 or 10 year old kids will be able to see these symbols of how we are "trying to teach them bad lessons". It's fun, and theyre competing. get over it.

I'll agree just because I can see you've put a lot of thought into this post, and I appreciate it.

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