You have eaten something while you were alone that you would not eat in front of others. Amirite?

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...and a fish sandwich

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3 big macs

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A small bowl of Sriracha sauce mixed with bean sprouts, pickle juice, way too much candy for one sitting, a whole pint of ice cream.. the list goes on and on

Edit: it sounds like I ate all of that together but I swear I didn't.

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Believe it or not but I've eaten it too. It was a fucking orgy of deliciousness in my mouth.

Food off the floor.

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@Frank_n_Furter Food off the floor.

Wait you're not supposed to eat it if it fell on the floor?
Fuck that! If its food and the floor is clean you eat it!

@Frank_n_Furter Food off the floor.

Also pickle juice. And scrambled eggs with peanut butter and sauteed onion.

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In 3rd grade
the cafeteria was serving this funky looking pasta shell
it was two GINORMOUS shells with some mysterious stuff splattered all over it

and all the kids were making fun of this boy named Gaygi who was chowing down on it
and I wanna chow down too like Gaygi
but I was too chicken

but if I was who I am today back then
I would be with Gaygi
I would chow down on the shells with mystery sauce
and I'd say phooey to those kids

me in 2nd grade is very similar to the me now
so 2nd grade me probably would've chowed down

a similar situation happened with these weird colored sausages
It was still in the same cafeteria
but this time
I actually ate them
but secretly
they were so good yum smilie

in 4th grade
my desk partner was out the class for awhile
and everyone got cupcakes

his cupcake remained untouched
and mine was already finished
so I kept swiping some of his icing

I didn't think it was wrong until a couple of years later
and the guilt seeped in wary smilie

I love going down memory lane

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An entire box of Oreos and a whole pizza (which I seem to do regularly), but not at the same time of course.

No, but I'm not some stupid weakminded girl who's insecure about things no one cares about.

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