One of the worst parts about high school is waking up really early on a Monday morning after staying up late the night before.

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I don't think this only applies to high schoolers.

@ZachNSC14 I never said it did

My point was just that I don't think that adding "about high school" to the post adds anything to it; if anything, I think it takes away form it. If it were my post and I desperately needed to aim a post like this at a certain age group, I would aim it at people who have been to college.

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I'd rather ride a bus for an hour than walk in the pouring rain for twenty minutes.

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Nope, just gotta drive an hour to get to the campus, that's all. Your post does apply to pretty much every body, even elementary/primary school kids. I definitely had this problem through all my school years, and still do.

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