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This is a generalization. Some girls are hot in them, some are not. It's not the clothing that makes a person attractive, while the clothing can complement their appearance

Super hot? No. Alluring? Yes. I'm more interested in finding out what's underneath than I would be to a girl who bares it all for everyone to see. It's all about the mystique.

I'm confused as to how this made it to the homepage with seven votes, none of which being positive except the OP's.

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I am assuming the word you used generally refers to promiscuous women. I never voted that way. I'd probably rather settle down with a virgin, but I absolutely love me a harlot.


Sluts can wear hijabs. Virgins can not wear hijabs.


Not all girls who wear the hijab are virgins though? :s
That would be great if that was the case but I know plenty of girls who wear it and aren't...

that all depends...I LOOK FANTASTIC in a hijab but im a guy so it's not called a hijab it's the other part of the thowb...idk. I look bedo, but I LOOK SO GOOD LIKE DAMN IF I COULD CLONE MYSELF ID DO ME especially if the thing is black, since it makes my amber eyes pop out like no other and makes my hair look auburn. but then the pictures are of like 12 year old girls why would i think they're hot???

@VicZinc Actually they students from Duke according to the citation.

From the age we middle easterners (im 1/2) turn 15, we all look like we're 20 and when we're 20, we look like we're 20. We look the same from ages 15-30, which is what I've noticed in my mothers home country of Lebanon...

Depends on one of two things. The weather or if they're attractive or not.

no man...i like the other ones that are like ninjas..u kno xD

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