Perspective: Your view of reality may be different from that of someone else's, amirite?

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I believe you're talking about "subjective" reality. Objective reality is the way things truly are. Subjective reality is an individual's interpretation of objective reality, and it is influenced by things like our perceptions, our cultures, etc...

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@bezoarus Someone's view of reality doesn't change what reality is.

that's exactly it

he didn't say it changes reality

subjective reality is how each individual sees reality based on their vision, interpretations, beliefs, and/or other influences

our vision doesn't pick up on all things and it even plays tricks on us and there are other influences (subjective reality)

objective reality is the real reality
this is the reality we sometimes skew with our subjectivity

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I would go so far as to say everyone's view of reality is different from everyone else's. No two people can view reality exactly the same. I would add that no two people can know any datum of "objective" reality at the same time because of the uncertainty principle - the act of observing reality changes it.

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