The world relies on electronics too much. Nothing beats a handwritten note, letter, thank you, etc. to make someone smile. Put down the phone, tablet or laptop and pick up a pen.

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Meanwhile in the past: "Why do people write so much! Talking in person is where it's at. Lets visit each other rather than sitting lazily and sending a letter! Put down the pen and paper and put on your shoes "

I'm sure before this people were saying people wrote too much and needed to use word of mouth more. It saves trees, you don't have to worry about it being lost forever in a fire, you can make a copy in a few seconds, you can store it on the web forever, thousands of pages of information can be held in an inch, it's absolutely beneficial and the only reason to not accept that and stick with the older way is just for love of tradition-which is a stupid reason to keep from advancing.

I think that in this generation, written notes have become so obsolete that they now seem strange and over-the-top, at least when interacting with one's peers.

About a month ago, my friend's teacher died. Did I spend all of lunch with him, talking to him and supporting him in person? Yes. But I also went on Facebook that night and sent him a private message with a consoling paragraph, just to follow up. And it still made him perfectly happy even though it was set to him electronically. Especially considering the fact that he's more of an acquaintance, I don't think that putting a note in his locker or something would have been as appropriate.

I've got a hard on for electronics.
I don't enjoy getting letters, I can keep them as a physical item which is sort of nice but it's bound to be damaged or lost with someone like me. The content is more important that the delivery or storage system so I'm better off with an e-mail. I'll be able to enjoy it for longer.

More less thought out reasons why e-mail>mail.
There's generally better quality in e-mails with less effort.
Takes no noticeable amount of time to actually send.
Requires the destruction of 0 trees except for perhaps in some abstract or very indirect way.
Easier to send reliavent photos/videos with it.

And stuff.

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