Women who stay with men that beat them are like a horse with blinders on. Never pay attention to anything other than what is directly ahead of you.

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The women is in such a situation because whether she stay or goes there are heavy consequences.
And this can apply to anyone in an abusive relationship.
On the one hand you might be beaten at home but sometimes he's nice or whatever so it "makes up" for his actions (it doesn't because beating is never excusable) but if she leaves he might do worse, and what if she has kids? How is she gonna explain it to her children? What it she doesn't have a job, she's maybe go on welfare maybe get a shitty job or two maybe end up homeless?
To just condemn a person in an abused relationship like this is unfair to them.

I don't think it's as straight forward as that. ..wary smilie

But seriously, psychological problems don't mean that people are just refusing to pay attention. Often, the girls (and the guys too I suppose) in this situation you gave are different psychologically than the rest of us.

I used to say the same thing, then one day I realized "Hey, I'm in an emotionally abusive relationship" and the reason I found it so hard to leave him was because I would tell myself one day he'd go back to the way he used to be when we first started dating and we were happy.

When a man abuses a woman (or vice versa), either physically or psychologically, usually he/she wasn't always that way. The one being abused will remember the good times and think the abuser will change, but they rarely ever do.

Please don't pass judgement until you've been there because you have no idea how difficult that really is.

Often the woman will face terrible repercussions for attempting to end such a relationship.

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