If 8 tracks, cassette tapes and CD's are all dead now then the car manufacturers need to come out with something better. How about a universal docking station for our cell phones or even a small USB plug for random music on the go? I think it would be great personally.

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You can plug in your iPod to some cars, but I believe it is attached through the speaker instead, so it actually plays music. USB would also need an interface to play the music through the car so you can select what you want.

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Aux ports are good for any input.

No. Tape decks forever!

A lot of new cars have bluetooth where you can hook up your phone and play music with no wires at all.

My Ford Fiesta has a USB port and an AUX jack. The interface is SYNC; some newer Fords have it. It also does Bluetooth and CD. I do miss cassettes; I have a few tapes not on CD. I do enjoy all of the features but I wonder if they are on other brands?

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