Thank god for insurance, amirite?

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I'll thank insurance companies for insurance.

Lens avatar Len No Way +8Reply

Insurance companies are the biggest scam in the history of mankind. You pay thousands of dollars a year that you'll never see again unless whatever you have that's insured gets damaged. So if you go 10 years paying insurance on your car and nothing happens to damage it, that's 10 years of insurance payments gone to nothing. Then, in the case that your insured possessions do get damaged, it's not guaranteed that your insurance company will cover it. So once again, you've paid thousands of dollars for nothing.

If that weren't enough, insurance companies increase the number of lawsuits in the U.S. by forcing people to sue the other party involved in order to receive coverage.

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I clicked on this post because I wanted to see how many people called OP out for that.

Thank God for douche bags who drive their Rolls Royce into knee deep water so I can laugh at their idiocy.

This post sounds religious regardless of the intentions...

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Thank god for canoes, more like.

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