Protect your heart. Every time you love someone, you lose a piece of it forever. This does not mean you have less love; it means a part of you belongs to someone else forever.

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ain't nobody keepin' that piece of my l smilie
I'm takin' it back
and there's nothin' you can do to stop me d smilie

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Sounds kinda horcruxy

@VicZinc Sounds kinda horcruxy

Potterhead all the way! :D

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That's no reason to protect it. If anything you should be more willing to love because of those reasons.

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@heythereilikeurhair Why is that?

The more people who have a place in your heart and mind the better you'll understand people and the world around you and perhaps the part of you residing in them will one day away them as well.

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The greater the capacity a person has for showing love, often reflects how much love is given in return.

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