There's nothing that's 100% subjective. Like sexual attractiveness, or musical taste. The perception of what is good is largely subjective but there is a small part of nature ingrained in the bio of humans that applies to what is deemed attractive or good sounding.

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well i don't want to offend, but someone who genuinely liked that song (friday) is probably tone def, unintelligent, or under the age of 12 to which for most, their brain doesn't really know what 'good' sound is as it's still developing. music is math and there is a way to describe theoretically what is appealing to hear.

for the physical attractive stuff, i'm not going to argue that everyone isn't beautiful in their own way, or that everyone has different taste. but there is a consensus on what humans are generally sexually attracted to when it comes to appearance. which is just a part of how humans are biologically. every animal species on earth that mates/reproduces has this about them.

you brought up a good point about evolutionary advantages.

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