The Dark Knight Rises wasn't the best in the trilogy.

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I have a love/hate thing with this post. As much as I adore The Dark Knight and considering it is my favourite, not many films have made me feel the way The Dark Knight Rises did when I was watching it. I've always found the phrase 'emotional rollercoaster' to be a bit cliche and extreme even, but that is exactly what I went through watching TDKR.

What trilogy tops it?

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@BigTRex What trilogy tops it?

I don't think that's what op meant, but obviously Toy Story is the best trilogy. don't be silly.

@BigTRex Toy Story 2 sucked too much for that to be true.

What's a better trilogy? Cause the third matrix movie sucked more than toy story 2 comparatively

It sure is a great movie.

It's a shame about Mr. Ledger... :( I heard somewhere that he would have been in dark knight rises.

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