Making someone hate you and exit your relationship so you don't have to is cowardly and probably requires more time and effort than simply ending it yourself, amirite?

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It's also really bad when you break it off with someone out of the blue after they've dedicated months to trying to save the relationship. wary smilie

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All of these "you"s and "they"s are confusing me.

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Know what? Here's the situation I was talking about: I had a girlfriend. I am a very anti-social person with a lot of issues. She also had a lot of issues. The relationship, as it was, was not working out. I didn't want to give up, so I told her I thought we should take a break. I spent months trying work on myself in order to make the relationship work, then she all of a sudden decided she never wanted to speak to me again.

I never broke off contact with her, I simply told her I really wasn't ready for a relationship. I still wanted to hang out with her and talk to her, I just couldn't do it at the level that we were. She knew I had every intention of starting the relationship back up down the road.

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I've had an awful habit of doing this, but I've had a strong irrational fear of talking to people about it. Moreover, after a while in some long-distance relationships, I get a strong urge to avoid them for no apparent reason.

Gotta talk to my therapist about this.

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