This object has ruined more childhoods than Joseph Kony, amirite?

Image for post This object has ruined more childhoods than Joseph Kony, amirite?
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If by ruining childhoods you mean making the children fat from licking the cake batter off of the spoon yum smilie

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One day my mom hid it under a blanket and I sat on it and it snapped in two. I acted all apologetic, but inside I felt like I'd just defeated the dragon tormenting the town.

i don't know any non-asian parents who hit their kids

Some things you just don't joke about. Comparing your mother hitting you with a little spoon with the experiences of child soldiers is just sick.

not when u used it as a drumstick lol

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I neither know of anybody who this has happened to nor know somebody who knows somebody.

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Oh my goodness! I just realized that you are talking about culinary accouterments being used as instruments of torture against minors! How horribly sad. My heart goes out to you. There should be a ban on these items, or at least owners should be required to carry permits. And the whole idea of concealment - well, it goes without saying that concealed spoons are an abomination to the intent of our founding fathers (and mothers!)

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