You comment on more posts that you disagree with than agree with, amirite?

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The voters have decided that Len is right! Vote on the post to say if you agree or disagree.

Nothing like a good debate.

iamveryawesomes avatar iamveryawesome Yeah You Are +3Reply

OF course! I have to tell them why I disagree. I hate it when people disagree with me and won't give me a reason.

Mike_Hawks avatar Mike_Hawk Yeah You Are +2Reply

About equal. I was going to comment saying how generally you are more opinionated if you hate something, then I realized that I was going to comment even though I agreed. Therefore, I am about equal, and not going to check.

names avatar name No Way 0Reply

I was about to make a post about this. It's not that I'm looking for an argument/debate. It's that more often than not, theres not much to say about something I agree with. I'm not in the habit of posting 'right on!' all the time.

RobertSines avatar RobertSine Yeah You Are 0Reply
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