It's rather funny that the nation has eaten hen's periods and fried pig's blood for years without batting an eyelid but they find out that there's a bit of horse meat in their Tesco burgers and all of a sudden they have a shit fit, amiright?

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No every culture eats the same animals. For example, Americans don't typically eat dog or cat and think it's disgusting to do so. However, some cultures eat dog or cat and it's perfectly normal to them.

I don't know about Tesco but I am down for some horse meat, spill it out and give me a fork.

horse, donkey meat is edible. plus this is the cost of low prices innit ;]

What is the fried pig's blood?

@ThisBlackChick What is the fried pig's blood?

Black pudding.It's not very well known in The States.We have it on a traditional English breakfast here.I was going to change it to 'the nation has eaten fried hens periods and fried pigs blood on their breakfasts for years' to make it a bit more obvious but I didn't edit it in time.

Ohh and in case you and/or any other international readers aren't aware of the story,here it is: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-21054688

Well obviously all this shows is that certain animals have more value than others. Absolutely nothing wrong with that.

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