Men get frustrated because they don't understand how women think. Women get frustrated because they understand how men think.

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I think we're all just sexually frustrated

I care about how an individual thinks which is why I like reading and studying about psychology sometimes. While there are some common characteristics and similarities in each sex, there are no defined rules and regulations of the way men or women think.

For example: Men are supposed to be better at sighting distance and women are supposed to be better at guessing age but it doesn't mean there aren't men who suck at sighting distance and vise versa.

I'm just frustrated that I have no clue how I think. I have a much easier time understanding others than myself.

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Sexually frustrated fat chick detected.

Women would be terrified and/or disgusted if they truly knew how men think.

No they don't. They just think they do, and then form stereotypes based on that.

I think people are just frustrated with people being unreasonable. How one thinks isn't nearly as important as how one acts. I don't think I'd have ANY friends if people knew how I think, but I do have friends because I don't act like a total ass-hat.

Regardless of how people think, I've never been frustrated with someone unless I could look at them and truthfully say "I think you're being an idiot". Man or woman. Doesn't matter.

StickCaveman has it right. I do not believe it is sexist or primitive to state that men and women have fundamental differences in how we act. It's only correct. It is incorrect to assume that those trends can even be considered rule of thumb, much less "rules" for how members of a gender act. They are vague references as best; but they do exist.

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