Men: when trying to understand the way a woman thinks, just merely think of a man. Then take away reason and accountability.

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Or drop the sexism and be a compassionate human being. There's a good place to start.

Unfortunately, I could agree with this post. The women I've met in my time on this Earth are not doing any favors for their gender.


In my defense, Janelle, I've never met you. It's a simple observation made by someone who acknowledges that it's not necessarily true for everyone.

@Frank_n_Furter Random, but I really like when users call each other by their first names.

Hmm, I've never really thought of that being a thing. I suppose it would be pretty interesting to see other people doing it, but I also can't imagine addressing my friends here by their usernames. Janelle is indeed (I like to think) my friend.

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And having a girlfriend Isn't really a badge of honor that's as easy as breathing for me. Having a woman I love is a merit worthy occurance. You'll understand one day that its guys that think like you are the reason why women cheat.
Source: 25 years of getting laid

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