Despite usually being more expensive, you like the taste/texture of individually wrapped cheese slices better than a bunch of cheese slices in one wrapping.

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I've found that the cheese that isn't individually wrapped is more expensive, because it's more likely to be real cheese.

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I don't see how whether cheese is wrapped or not affects the taste and texture enough to be significantly noticeable.

Are you talking about American cheese? If so, I can't stand it whether it's individually wrapped or not. The only time I can accept it is on a burger. Otherwise, I want the real cheese with the little papers in between. I don't even like it used in my grilled cheese sandwiches; I'd much rather have a grilled cheese made with muenster.

I don't like the idea of textured cheese slices.

I like real cheese... the kind that comes in blocks and then you get slices of it with a cheese slicer.
like so:
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