One animal is so close to us (about 99.9% genetically) to the point that we could get blood transfusions between us and them, but just that .01% difference is a pretty big deal. The fact that that miniscule percentage makes such a difference is amazing. The way nature has been created/structured is amazing, amirite?

The similarity between ape DNA is cool. Amirite?... cool. Amirite?http://amirite.com/755982-the-similarity-between-ape-dna-is-cool-amirite
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this is pretty much word for word of that comment I made on the inspired by

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@fuzala this is pretty much word for word of that comment I made on the inspired by

I also found out about 50% of pregnancies abort on their own
if something goes wrong in the beginning
it usually goes really wrong

a lot of women don't even know that they've miscarried

that percentage was mind-blasting for me

you might be thinking what does this have to do with the post wary smilie
but it's related somehow

this is all from subject area of development
and there's other overlapping areas too of course

and also this

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Even thought this is completely gross... I'm sure humans can prolly have babies with chimpanzees because of how closely related they are. The offspring would be infertile though like, a zonkey or mule. Hopefully nobody tests this theory of mine.

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