You can bandage the damage, but you never really can fix a broken heart, amirite?

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I love that song.
But, I do think a heart can be fixed. It just takes time and the right amount of love and care.

yes you can
all you gotta do is put some tape on it

it's worked for many
even for those who were doubtful

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@xxdetroitxx Lies.

I totally believe it's true
I mean a lot of previously broken hearted people are alive today
u smilie turns into l smilie

it might take some
and that other good stuff
but it's possible

I think many on this planet can vouch for that

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@xxdetroitxx Again, lies. It stays partially broken forever.

I think people get broken
and they learn from being broken
then heal
and possibly start the process over

some may stay broken til they die
but some may find it to mend themselves

I started singing when I read it, not gonna lie.

It's amazing what time and a little faith can do.

I love Demi Lovato!!

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