It's said that violent video games cause people to be violent in real life, but for most people it's better to take their anger out on something virtual rather than living things, amirite?

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I really doubt that video games cause people to do violent things, just like how if you play a "good" character in video games it isn't praised as the reason you do good things.

I don't know how credible it is, but TotalBiscuit mentioned in a video of his that an FBI study of murderers/criminals showed the most common form of violent media consumed by them was written violence.

I also agree with TheBlindMan 100%. I play many violent games, but am as appalled as anyone at some of the crimes committed. (not referring to legitimate self defense)

I like the way you said "most people" are you hedging your bets?

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Oh, I think it's a load of bull, too. This is just one of many counterarguments. For example, if someone has a natural tendency to violence, they're always going to be more at-risk for going on a killing spree, media be damned. Just like how for a healthy, sane person, violence in media won't inspire them to violent action. The healthy individual is able to make a very clear disconnection between real life and the virtual, no matter how realistic that world may be.

I meant excluding those with mental illness like psychosis, where the violent media would only exacerbate their predisposition to violent tendencies.

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