you pray everyday, amirite?

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minimum 5 times a day

it's a way to disconnect from world for a little while

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The last time I actually prayed was around the age of six. After that, whenever my family prayed around the dinner table or when my mom told me to go pray before bed and stood there watching me, I faked it. It wasn't until the age of twelve or thirteen that I told my family I was done with this bs religion stuff.
This is personal, I'm not bashing anyone else's beliefs.

Oh my god do I pray, I pray every single day! (Myaah!) For revolution! WOO!!

I pray before dinner and then at night.

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I don't know how to vote on this because my family prays every night before bed, but then when I'm alone I tend to pray for the first few nights and then simply forget about it until I get home...
but I suppose my answer is that in an ideal world, YYA.

damn, you should've known nobody was going to agree with this. all goodie nonetheless

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