You forget 80% of the mental notes you make within 15 minutes, amirite?

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Metal note: Keep track of forgotten mental notes.

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I think it's about time we all start suggesting posts to be POTD because this is just hopeless . . .

That's why I write stuff down on my hand when I'm too lazy to make an actual note to myself. Right now I have "Erin has my black pen" on my left hand and "I owe Cassidy $3" on my right hand.

y'know what? I think I'll go run an experiment. Over the course of the next few weeks I will keep track of the time at which I make every mental note and set an alarm. After 15 minutes, the alarm will go off and I will see if I have remembered my mental note. I will keep track of the number of notes I remember and the number I make and after about 100 trials, I will find the percentage so that I can properly vote on this post.

Just kidding. F this.

y smilie

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