Do you think homework cuts into time with friends and family more than it needs to?

88% Of course it does! 13% No. it's fair. 0% Half n Half... 0% Other
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I have a ridic amount of homework each night, but I suppose it's fair. It, along with sports, does make me have a narrow gap to be filled with social activities, but if nobody practiced the material class time would just be a waste.

Of course not! I never do homework!

i guess, but the older you get the less parents can help you, because they haven been schooled in awhile, and your work becomes harder for them to undrstand.

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Yeah it is, but sometimes homework is just... not fair. and thanx for telling me about the reply feature in comments i am brand new to the site.

what kinds of grades do u get, then?

It's not really fair but I chose to take 5 APs so it's my own doing really. But then again if I want to go to my colleges of choice my chances of getting in without as many APs is lower (cuz let's face it I don't have some amazing "it" factor, I have to get in through hard work). I can't win D:

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In high school it did because of all the busy work. It evened out in college, though. Professors usually only assign what is necessary.

this was from mah old account.

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