LIST Things to prayer for Peace, safety, trust, safety, good rolemodles, posative influenceing neighbours, Leaders that can better father today, good influenceing friends, people to not use people, safe futures, health, defeat over evil, wisdom, knowledge, Educated minds, protection for us our children and our neighbours, security, non-illuminated TV, and non-subliminal messagi

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If you have to pray for things like peace, and still not get it either by the way, then your god is an asshole.
I don't see how you don't despise him if you believe he's real when he has the potential for so much and yet does nothing.

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Rather than pray for that stuff, try doing it. You'll have more of an impact. Trust me.

"Leaders that can be better father today" - What do you mean by "father?"

"people to not use people" YES fuck capitalism

"Educated minds" yes definitely

"non-subliminal [messages]" I agree with this one as well. The media is full of them and it's either propaganda or getting you to buy something.

Simply put: I agree with you on some of the things in this post, but you'll have to explain more before I vote.

Also, as someone has said before me, you shouldn't have to "pray" for these things.

Also: You must be new here.

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