In most places in the US, grades K-5 are elementary school, grades 6-8 are middle school, and grades 9-12 are high school. But in some places like in Utah, grades K-6 are elementary school, grades 7-9 are junior high, and grades 10-12 are high school. The junior high system is better than the middle school system, because the maturity gap between 9th and 12th grade is huge, meaning Seniors could have a bad influence on Freshmen.

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I'm not mad, but can you guys make a comment and explain why you disagree with this?

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my city does it similar: elementary k-5, middle 6-7, jr high 8-9, sr high 10-12 and as a senior and from my experience, it is nicer to not have freshmen around. there is just such a huge gap in maturity levels. however, most seniors hopefully have matured enough to be nice to, although admittedly annoyed by, freshmen, and they probably could serve as role models for the school. then again my school is a very liberal one that's huge on "freedom with responsibility" so our systems aren't universal. and my city is switching to regular k-5 6-8 9-12 this next school year so next year will be different for the current juniors.

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