It sucks when you tell people you'll be going to sleep but then you don't and you have to not do anything noticable online for the sake of it seeming as if you didn't lie to them, amirite?

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Thank you for fixing my post (presumably) TheBlindMan. l smilie

Lens avatar Len Yeah You Are +5Reply

I did this last night, said I was going to bed but actually stayed awake for like 2 more hours on tumblr but not reblogging.

SpearmintMilks avatar SpearmintMilk Yeah You Are +3Reply

I pretty much only text one person and all the people I talk to on Skype that I might say that to are in the same chat so sometimes I'll just come back and be like, "Nevermind." If I'm really tired and just can't go to sleep though, I'll try to avoid noticeable internet activity.

Statefarms avatar Statefarm Yeah You Are +2Reply

I do this all the time..

iamveryawesomes avatar iamveryawesome Yeah You Are +1Reply

I try to do that and then give up and start doing noticeable things. All my friends probably hate me for that.

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