Not saying what you know = Telling a lie.

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Secrets are sacred

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It can be,depending on the circumstances and what IS said.There's such a thing as lying by omission where you deliberately leave parts out for your own benefit or on behalf of someone that you're siding with but if you're not saying anything then that's just a secret as VicZinc said or obstruction of justice in both cases if it's something the authorities would be interested to know about as Len said.

It's worth noting that it doesn't automatically make it right to conceal the information if it doesn't count as lying and it doesn't automatically make it wrong to conceal the information if it's obstruction of justice.It depends on what it is and what effect telling the person would have.

I was wondering how would I supposed to bring out this topic to know your point of views and I decided to post this one. I guess it works. :D

But in an investigation, it's still considered lying, right?

I'd say it's more being deceitful than lying
both are wrong morally

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