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I'm not even a little bit sure what I want. Besides, a lot can change in 10 or so years. 10 years ago, for example, I wanted to be a bird and wished for magic for Christmas.

I don't really think I'd like having children. wary smilie

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I'd like children, but I don't look forward to it. If how I take care of my cat is any indication of how I will raise my children, they are going to think their name is "Kid" and they will swear like sailors as soon as they can talk. My cat has a name, but I never call him anything except "cat". I also didn't handle him well as a kitten. My mom babied the Hell out of me, so I took on her really paranoid traits. I was freaking out for the months before he could take care of himself. My whole thought process was "If I take my eyes off of him for a second HE'S GONNA DIE!!"

My children are going to be raised very interestingly.

Definitely the marriage thing, but I'm not sure about the WHOLE shebang. Then again, I'm 16 so it makes sense that I don't have the urge to settle right now.

I do hope so. I'm really looking forward to having tiny humans and being proof that you can raise a loving family despite your own poor homelife.

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and perhaps he dies

then, maybe I can enjoy the whole shebang all over again

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