Everything that happens is caused by something else that happened before it, so you could trace back one event to the very beginning if time if you had the information necessary. Also, by this logic, everything a human being does is the result of other events that are out of our control whether they are events outside of ourselves or results of our biology, therefore we are not making decisions on our own , but because of events we have no control over. Ergo, we have no free will. Amirite?

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Wrong* not willing

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Depends.... If the world works on probabilities like QM says then there is still room for free will, if QM is willing and it just looks like probabilities because we lack info, there is no room for free will.

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I don't know, I think there is an element of free will, because if you think about it, not everything in nature can predict EXACTLY what a person will do.

Someone was inspired by the "humans have free will" post eh.

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