Justin Beiber is so dumb, he didn't realize he said never 53 times in his song "Never Say Never". amirite?

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I might have agreed if you said he didn't realize that him saying never 53 times went against the point of the song but I'm sure he realized that he was saying it.
And honestly, with the exception of "never say never", when he says it he's citing examples of why you should never say never. He never thought he could do this or this and then he did.

So is whoever took the time to counthow many times he said never in his song...

Beware: If you disagree with one of this guy's posts, he'll disagree with all of your posts and then troll in the comment section in all of them.

Because that's just how immature this guy is. Smh.

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you're so dumb you counted it

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I feel like this would have been acceptable if this post was though like three years ago, but since this was thought yesterday, I just have to say what the hell.

She probably realized it

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Ur just jealous of his sexiiness

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