A major issue with religious texts is that they're given the weight of a god who'll roast your ass in an eternal hell fire if you don't comply and agree, amirite?

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Here's my thought process:
I sort of enjoy the bible because it puts forward ideas for morals that I may have otherwise not thought of it. I may have been doing something immoral but now that I've seen it may be an issue I can reconsider my action so in that respect it's good. There's also something to be said about how it tells the stories, they can be sort of interesting.

But an issue arises when you aren't able to question it. When you're threatened by someone. When someone attempts to strong arm you into "belief", that's fucked up. That alone would be somewhat scary to a child, and especially if they had parents who reinforced the idea further. So they're not considering new morals they're being forced to dawn new morals.

In short I enjoy the bible as a work of fiction and it is horribly tainted by assumptions of it's factuality and the forceful ways it's forced upon people. It also has some horrible morals in my opinion but that's alright because I don't have to believe them.
I also won't say that it'll fuck up children because if they know it's just fiction they won't be like, "OH SLAVERY'S OKAY? COOL!" if I claimed that I'd be like some idiot saying GTA fucks up kids.

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