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The title of the video is stupid and should be "If Animals Were Filled With Air".

If animals ate at McDonalds, they wouldn't need to hunt each other and they would have a weight problem rather than a filled with air problem. So the flamingos would probably break their legs, the cheetah would break the tree branch and would have trouble running after the gazelle, and the crocodile would be too lazy to move and probably die of a heart attack. That is, at least, the stereotype that the title seems to portray despite the fact that not everyone who eats at McDonalds is overweight; I would assume it would be the same for animals.

Over analyze much, StickCaveman?

They do, and the video was funny.

@VicZinc They do, and the video was funny.

As with the picture posts, people who cannot see the image would not understand what you meant by "they".

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