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The problem with internet porn is you have no idea what you are really watching. Are the participants truly willing? Are they fairly compensated for their talents.

Today there is just as much chance that the "actors" are being forced to participate to "earn" their freedom or to pay off their "immigration fees".

Indeed there are people who willing choose the profession, but how do you know. You don't hear about them "living in the mansion and driving the Ferrari" anymore.

@VicZinc The problem with internet porn is you have no idea what you are really watching. Are the participants truly...

Posing for Playboy was also a great way to launch your career as has been demonstrated by many up and coming young actresses. Pamela Anderson's career was sent to the stratosphere and helped her land a part on Baywatch. Playboy pays a standard $25,000. Most internet porn stars are paid nothing.

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I hear you. Two wrongs do make a right. I am conscientious about my choices, including my porn.

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But not anally


I never see OP say it's unique to porn. Why is that when someone brings a problem up, people say that there are other similar problems too?

So what if it happens in all industries? It's still a problem. Talking about one specific problem doesn't diminish other related problems. Plus, sexual exploitation is seen as more heinous by most in comparison. Hurting someone using forcible sex is one of the worst things you can do to people. It's more offensive than forcing them to work. I think most would agree to that.

Human trafficking is on the rise because of porn because there's a demand for porn. It's just not comparable to child labor. Of course, there's a demand for cheap labor too, but a child being sexually exploited is a much bigger issue than that child having to work because when the child is trafficked, that child is also forced to work to do sexual atrocities.

If you know you're buying something that was made from the pain of others, then make an effort to lessen the demand for it even if it as simple as not buying it. With porn, you actually watch them being exploited. With clothes, it's less direct. You don't see the people making the clothes as you're wearing/buying the clothes.

Porn is on the rise, and the industry is reaping billions of dollars. Meanwhile, rape is simultaneously on the rise, people are being objectified more and more, forced to become sex slaves, etc. All this can be cut down if people would just stop feeding the demand for porn, which would cut down the desire to exploit people sexually both with and without force. On top of that, all those computer viruses and health issues it brings about as well.

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Porn is the problem. It's in the heart of it all. I think that some don't oppose it because of their own desire for it so they may ignore all the problems it causes.


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Own desire against it because of how it's harming people. The way people have their own desire against murder. Look at the evidence.

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I'm not comparing sex and murder. I'm comparing the desires against it.

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I love Asian women

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