Playing violent video games make people more violent.

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Just like watching a car crash on TV makes you crash your car.

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it can desensitize people to violence
but if someone murders another
he/she needs to own up to his/her actions instead of blaming it all on video games

I saw this happen on Law and Order: SVU

People make people violent.

"These people played video games and showed violent behavior, ban video games!"

They also tie shoes and open doors. How do we know shoe tying and door opening isn't triggering these violent tendencies?

Video game violence is a straw man argument, just like "rock is the devils music" stuff. What they SHOULD do is focus on the nation's education and mental health care, but that would be addressing the real problem, and they wouldn't want that to happen.

Yup. You got me. You know the story of people's severed feet washing up in shores? That was my fault after hiding a few bodies in AC2 and hunting giants in Skyrim.

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Disclaimer: I'm doing a PhD in the area of games.

If you look at the research rather than the need to blame something you don't understand for real-world violence, games can AT MOST have a 2% affect on a person's aggression (tendency to violence) level.

Once personality and existing predisposition to violence is accounted for, violent games do not affect aggression levels or the probability of committing real-world violence. Short-term aggression while playing games is the result of competition and challenge; much like sports. A person can be aggressive while playing Mario Kart due to this, but be perfectly placid in a hyper-violent game.

Correlation does not equal causation. An example: people are more likely to drown on days when ice cream sales are high. Does that mean eating ice cream makes you drown? Nope; people are just more likely to eat ice cream on hot days, and people are also more likely to go to the beach on hot days, therefore increasing the number of potential drowning victims.

As a researcher it annoys me endlessly when people would rather take opinion as fact rather than do the actual research. Just because you assume something does not make it fact.

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Violent games don't make me violent, but racing games affect me mentally. I have such a hard time driving after playing one for awhile

I disagree, I think, for me at least, it relieves stress and would probably make me less likely to kill someone.

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I kill everybody

Is it bad assassin's creed 3 made my boyfriend and i actually really bored and while i play skyrim i only kill people that im defending myself from...

This has been proven

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