It should not be acceptable for a woman to be promiscuous

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It shouldn't be any different than it is for men. I'm not saying it's okay or it isn't, I'm just saying it shouldn't matter if you are a man or a woman, it's the same. It's still sleeping with a bunch of people.

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It should not be acceptable for this Anon to continue making attempted-controversial posts with no punctuation.

As long as she's not hurting anyone, I don't see why not.

I like sex jolly smilie flip smilie

Not acceptable... but encouraged.

I deleted my.comment because I apparently misread the post; the double negatives.messed with my head.

I still don't get why people are trashing people for doing things that they want to do. If it doesn't affect anyone else, what business do you have judging them? When I say judging, I mean beyond a simple passing of personal judgement; I mean trying to dictate how society should view these actions. There are a number of things other people do that bother me, but I suck it up and even defend their right to do it.

What sort of negative impact does promiscuity inherently have? There are a number of negative things that can result, but none of those things are intrinsic. Let's look at alcoholism. Being an alcoholic is inherently bad, because no amount of knowledge or precautions will prevent alcohol from being toxic. You can't be an alcoholic without negative effects. Sleeping around, however, has no intrinsic negative effects. Pregnancy and STI transmission can be avoided with preparation, and hurt feelings can be avoided by making sure everyone involved is aware of your intentions.

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@Mike_Hawk I still don't get why people are trashing people for doing things that they want to do. If it doesn't affect anyone...

And don't bring up the "moral" crap. I don't think one's sex life is automatically tied into morality. Many people would consider my a vile and disgusting human being because I will hit on virtually any attractive woman and think about sex at a very high frequency. Still, this hasn't affected what kind of person I am at all. I'm one of the nicest, most caring, and most honest people you will ever know (if you get to know me). None of those qualities are affected by the fact that I love sex in the slightest. Sex makes me happy, and the fact that you are finding time to try and put people down for that makes me think you don't have something to make you happy. Get a hobby, find something that makes you happy, and stop worrying about what other people do to be happy.

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It isn't good for a man or a woman to be promiscuous.

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I think it should not be acceptable for both men and women okay JUDGE ME. no pls dnt


1. Having casual sexual relations frequently with different partners; indiscriminate in the choice of sexual partners.

2. Lacking standards of selection; indiscriminate.

3. Casual; random.

4. Consisting of diverse, unrelated parts or individuals; confused

So it's okay for a man to be any of these, but not a woman? That's low, bro.

I know people have this image of women being kind, gentle, and faithful but... To all those people who genuinely think that, stuff a sock in it. Women can be players, too. Geez...

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Promiscuity isn't having multiple relationships (at a time), it's just having sex casually and frequently. if that's a lifestyle that works best for some people, and makes them happy, why do you get to try to make them unhappy? This isn't just disapproval, it's actually trying to make them feel bad about it, which they don't really have reason to. If you believe that nobody should be promiscuous, then don't be imposing because then you're the one having a more negative effect on society than them by making happy people unhappy for what cannot be unanimously defined as a good reason. You don't have to agree with it, but don't ruin such a lifestyle for those that only benefit from it. Not everyone has to live your way.

this post gave me cancer

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Then it should not be acceptable for a man to be a man either

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This post turned out exactly like I thought it would, knowing the amirite community. Slut shaming has always been one of those things that a lot of people on here agree is just not okay and, in an essence, that's what this post is doing: saying women shouldn't be "sluts".

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@Statefarm This post turned out exactly like I thought it would, knowing the amirite community. Slut shaming has always been...

I guess it's just one of those things I never paid attention to. But why is it that promiscuity is frowned upon?


We're disagreeing because we think it's okay for a woman to be promiscuous in certain circumstances or not be promiscuous if she doesn't want to be and also it's sexist.

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