If there is no life after death, it is extremely depressing that this is all there is.

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Au contraire. I find the concept of eternal life depressing. It would be like being a prisoner in your own body with no escape for eternity. That thought scares the shit out of me. It doesn't matter how blissful it is. On a long enough timeline, that would become normality. Then you'd get bored and eventually quite depressed.

The way I see it is it wouldn't matter to me cuz I'd be dead. And that there's some beauty in the fact that I'm just a temporary collection on atoms and that will only have this form of existence once. It's kind of peaceful knowing that life isn't gonna last forever, cuz I imagine one day I'll probably be good and ready for my consciousness to die permanently.

Not at all depressing. Refreshing actually.

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Honestly, eternal life scares me a lot more than ending it. IT's like a game you can't stop playing after you reach the highest lelvel and get bored.

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I have the rest of my life to think about.

Yes and no. I believe in an afterlife, but not having one would only influence me to live my life to the fullest (which I'm trying to do anyway). Without one you just have to make your experiences on earth worthwhile

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