You can appreciate the sentiment of things that say things like "I will never date an ugly girl. Why? Because they don't exist" but you think they're a bit stupid because chances are whoever is saying that doesn't honestly find all people honestly aesthetically pleasing. It's OK to have preferences and it's OK to not think everyone is beautiful, amirite?

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It's like telling someone they're beautiful because you pity them or being friends with that insanely obnoxious person just because they don’t have any other friends.

Guys who post stuff like the cheesy quote you mentioned are usually just out to get girls who would say, "tsk awwwww... he's so sweet!" These girls are the ones on Facebook who say they're ugly yet post 1,000 pictures of themselves to get sympathy comments like, "gurrrl, you cray! you hott as fukk"

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I can't stand those cheesy little things. I would rather associate with people who would say to me, "I find you ugly," than associate with people who do crap like that.

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I agree with the gist of the post, but I can't even appreciate the sentiment because 1) it's fake sentiment, 2) it's usually so cheesy I get goosebumps, and 3) they're usually just plain wrong. There certainly are ugly girls out there...quite a few of them. I'm not some douche that thinks that ugly girls are worthless but that doesn't mean they aren't ugly

For some people beauty might mean more than aesthetics and date-worthiness. Like when I see someone with a black-eye and say, "wow, that's a beauty!" With some people it is a real challenge to "see their beauty" but I enjoy that challenge.

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