That moment when.. you were brought to the U.S. before you could speak, grew up here, are now 17 years old, and have to deal with being called an "illegal alien" -- Oh wait, am I the only one? This is ridiculous and an immigration reform needs to happen, amirite?

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US immigration policy is way fucked up.

Not saying let everybody in, but right now it is such a patchwork of laws and regulations that even immigration lawyers can't figure the shit out.

The US needs to scrap it all and start with some simple fresh law, but they won't -they will either add more regulations to the existing debacle or they will draft some 600 page pile of bullshit.

Sure miss the old days when congress had smart people that could draft a 27 word law that endured for 200 years.

Well, if you came here illegally, you're going to be called one. Get over it.

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