some people criticise - rather harshly, even - those who will hear someone else's opinion and then go around parroting it. However, this doesn't always mean that an individual has no ideas of their own, it can also reflect the fact that they had not thought about a certain matter before hearing the other person's opinion and then, after careful consideration, concluded that they agree.

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I agree, sometimes people are brought up to believe in something they lster realize they don't agree with. It's really frustrating when they begin to question and rather than receiving answers are told they are naive, easily influenced and their sources are questionned. They are expected to believe in something that their parents have believed for years and their parents before them. Sometimes you have to go against all that and deal with the consequences of breaking tradition if you are in pursuit of truth.

That's rarely the case though.

@KirstenAnn That's rarely the case though.

Good thing my post didn't claim this is the absolute truth of what always happens then, hm?

@KirstenAnn You'll notice I agreed.

I did in fact notice, I just find it strange that you found it necessary to point out something I was already implying in my post...

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