Why do some people wake up, brush their teeth, and then eat breakfast? amirite?

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It grosses me out to eat with morning breath. That's why, I guess.

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Because when you wake up you have a lot of germs that had formed during the night, that's why bad breath is the outcome. Also, I find it gross to eat like that. I brush my teeth after breakfast the second time, and if i don't have time just grab a gum. But always brush your teeth when you wake up to get rid of the acids.

Because there's a shit-ton of germs on your teeth in the morning and you'll be devouring them if you don't brush first.

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I thought that brushing you teeth before rather than after was better because if u brush after you've eaten then the acid and stuff from the food will break down the enamel on your teeth and brushing them straight after would further break down the enamel. or something...

It only tastes gross if you eat right after you brush your teeth.

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to solve the problem brush both before and after everyone wins

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I do all of those things to wake myself up but I re-wash my teeth after breakfast too

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Just freaking brush your teeth ok? that's just plain grose if you don't, and you'll live with the "bad" taste of eating after you brush... lol, hilarious though 'cause I think more of "What's the point of brushing your teeth in the morning before eating breakfast?"....shrugs :)

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