Is it me or music is getting worse and worse with each year. What happened with the good old rock bands, where are The Beatles?

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There's a lot of good music today. You just have to know how to find it.

Well, half of them are dead so that's where they are.

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If you're talking about what you hear on the radio, then I agree. However, as MusicIsAGift has stated, you just have to dig deeper to find quality music today.

We always romanticise the past with things like music, movies etc because only the classics are remembered. There were plenty of shitty, forgotten bands back then too just as there are now.

I'm not well versed enough in music to know if there's a considerable difference in the ratio of good music to bad music then compared to now but I'd be fairly surprised if there is.

Whatever happened to Motown

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@Whatever happened to Motown

What about the great show tunes!

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@War songs!


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The Beatles aren't all that and there are so many good songs out there.

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Yes indeed there are , but I was referring to the rock bands nowadays. The big names will soon be gone and what are we gonna be left with? :) I just hope that things take their turn and the music from 50's to 80's come back in style.

A definition of good music is different to everyone. It depends on what you enjoy or dislike. Just because newer bands have a different sound than older bands doesn't make them inferior; one person may enjoy the older bands while the other may enjoy the newer bands. Overall, just listen to what you enjoy.

fuq the beatles XD but in deed the quality of the modern muzik is too low for comfort heehhe

You do know that the Beatles were once mainstream, too, right?

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