It frustrates me when people say 'over-exaggerate'. It's a redundant exaggeration of a word that already means exaggerate. To over-exaggerate would imply that there is an accepted level of exaggeration and someone's exceeded acceptable exaggeration behaviour.

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Or "I could care less." when they mean "I couldn't care less."

How about irregardless?

@PhilboydStudge How about irregardless?

Rarely hear that one, but when I do, it doesn't drive me quite as crazy, because the offender is typically someone who has very little (if any) education, and is also part of a tight knit community that simply doesn't value higher order thinking. But I hear "over exaggerate" from an acquaintance at work who earned his MBA from an Ivy school known for its prestigious program.
THAT makes me CRAAAAAZZZZYYY! I'm going to have to call him out soon....it's embarrassing to even hear him say it.

Stop it, you're overreacting too much.

@Watchful_questioneer Stop it, you're overreacting too much.

I feel that you've overmisconstrued my statement.

@Crumpet_nose I feel that you've overmisconstrued my statement.

You're overanalyzing this beyond the accepted level of overanalysis.

I was just talking about this the other day. It doesn't really frustrate me but It is redundant

A lot of tautologies annoy me when they stick out like a sore thumb. That one has always passed me by though until you brought it up.

AMEN! Drives me CRAZY!!

Anyone hear this mispronunciation around the office? The word "ETCETERA" , pronounced as "EXETERA." WTH? I want to interrupt them and say, "you just sent me an email, in which you used the abbreviated form, 'ETC'. That, to me, indicates you KNOW how the word itself it's SPELLED. I don't understand where the "X" sound is coming from when you PRONOUNCE it!"

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