We all have this desire to have someone lead us; we all have this feeling for someone to lead us that seems smarter or wiser, such as the president. But those people are fucking dumb, because they are subject tricks, to nationalism, and bullshit American speeches to amp us up that don’t mean jack shit. They don’t know they are getting bullshitted…

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I agree when it comes to American leaders for the most part.

I think most people do have natural tendency toward followership instead of leadership. Many of those who don't, tend to be somewhat sociopathic in a way that lets them step on people more easily than the rest of us.

They can then percolate to leadership positions to the extent his/her dysfunction stays within the bounds of normal business practices until (s)he achieves power. Once power is obtained then holding that power is their only concern. This happens too often, the followers only suffer.

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