You do not to eat carnivores. Amirite?

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isn't it illegal to eat carnivores?

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@fuzala isn't it illegal to eat carnivores?

Well this kind of flopped

Some scientist consider only mammals that eat meat exclusively to be carnivores, most people will say any animal that hunts prey is a carnivore including: cats, dogs, bear, fox, owls, eagles, weasels, seals. Some might be illegal in some countries. I don't know if it is illegal to eat in the US, it might be. Inuit peoples eat seals, and other mammalian carnivores.

By the looser definition, I do eat some carnivores, and was wondering if others recognized it. Salmon, trout, shark, squid, octopus, but I can not think of any mammalian carnivores that I have eaten and wondered if other had.

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