What age do you think is the earliest possible age to actually truly fall in love with a person

17% 10-15 27% 16 12% 17 9% 18 5% 19 11% 20+ 18% Other
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It doesn't have much of anything to do with age. Once someone turns 18, it doesn't automatically make them any more mature or able to 'truly fall in love' than when they were 17 or younger. Love is something different to everyone, it's pretty difficult to make a standard for it.

What?? I fell in love with Legos at age 5. so...

Oh, come on. Just because people sometimes experience love differently at different stages of their maturity doesn't make one type more legitimate than the other. Anyone can be "in love."

I think putting an age limit on love is kind of defeating the point

I just thought it would be an interesting post because everyone seems to make fun of 12 and 13 year olds for "falling in love". Just wanted to know what you guys thought the "acceptable" age for love would be

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it completely depends. to me, love can grow over a span of years or weeks and it's not necessary to be certain when it starts though

I don't think love discriminates by age, but if I had to guess I would say most people fall in love for the first time between 16-19.

what the fuck is this site even

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