When a girl assaults a man (ex. Kicking his balls) The man should have a right to be able to kick the shit outa her, amirite?

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I'd suggest running

I'd suggest the same if the genders were switched

you can always press charges later and get your justice

I do not recommend getting your own justice in this case

things can go horribly wrong

if the assaulter is armed
offer him/her your money
or run while you dodge the bullets
or find a shield
or distract
or play dead (this doesn't work very well)

That is true, but some guys will do that. I know i would also depending on the girl. Sure i dont hit girls. But kicking a guy in his balls is just horrible. For one it can cause perm damage, which means no kids. So really i think it should be allowed.

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@Flame_29 That is true, but some guys will do that. I know i would also depending on the girl. Sure i dont hit girls. But...


the circumstances you're describing don't seem very common
did you witness something like this or something?
what brought this on?

I also see that you've made another post about getting kicked in the privates

Erm... That's a bit silly, isn't it? If they only kicked you in the balls then why should you get to do something even worse to them?
If you had a definitive way of knowing in that moment that you could no longer have children due to the assault I can see why you'd feel that way though, some people really want biological children. I'm not one of them, adoption all the way.

Anyway, if the woman is going to continue then it'd be alright to defend yourself with violence, just it's a bad idea because you might be bringing your shoes to a gun fight. Your country/area may also disagree with me. Some areas have something along the lines of "duty to retreat".

well of course you do man. if she had the right to hit you first. plus sometimes some girls get carried away with their bitchiness n need a smack or a slap to bring her back to ground.

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I mean sure, im nice to girls so i dont get kicked there and what not. But for guys that have for doing nothing, cause believe me ive seen it happen. The guy did nothing and the girl got off free because the principal didnt believe him, he believed the girl cause she acted all sweet and shit. So i think if that happens the guy shouldve defended himself, right?

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