What is your opinion on dating someone you know online? Would you consider it to be a viable option for yourself?

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Do you mean dating them in person, or over the internet? I suppose it's possible either way. It's risky, though. Some people are the same over the internet, others are vastly different. I know this because I am vastly different. Talking to someone online is a good way to sort of get to know a person, but everything gets sorted out once you meet them. After that, you know how they are both online and in person, and probably better than people who only know them from either online or in person. Once that happens, it's essentially a regular relationship. There's always the chance that you aren't compatible with the person, and it may be devastating if you were to meet them.

Purely dating online, I honestly think is a bit iffy. Can people do it? Sure. I absolutely do not believe it is as fulfilling as an adequate IRL relationship, ever. You miss out on all the neurotransmitter releases that are only achieved by touching, smelling, or seeing someone. There are a lot of important things we do, biologically, to attract mates that are lost over the internet. You miss out on the actual point of the relationship, which is to have a child. You miss out on SEX.

My best friend and I have differing opinions on this. The bulk of her friends would be online (I know her in real life) and she's had online boyfriends as well. I don't think it was healthy, considering she'd stay up really late to talk to them and stuff. And then the online boyfriend dumped her. She was heartbroken, it took her months to get over it. And she was only 15 at the time. She said that it being online allowed them to build a deeper connection, but from my perspective, I was really worried about her emotional welfare, as well as physical health. So I suppose from my perspective, I've seen how badly it can go wrong. It's not an option for me.

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Probably not. I cannot think of any exceptions to my answer, but it is very possible they exist.

I've seen it happen on more than one occasion & sometimes it actually does work out, I just think it depends on the people. I wouldn't, but I have a friend that is in that kind of relationship right now & he's the happiest he's ever been sooo

If I wasn't married? Sure. Why not?

I agree with what Mike Hawk said. I mean, you could be 'dating' but it would still be different than a real relationship. There would be no touch, only a screen, and you would have other people in your real lives. And again, people are different online than in real life.
However, if you started not really dating, but almost like a little friendship thing, you could see where it goes. As long as you are careful about it, it couldn't hurt too much.

Of course, it is viable. In my opinion, the approach is not important, the point is the result. online social media gives you an efficient way to know more people quickly. Why don't you just have a try? I met my husband online by a dating app. And we are good now.

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