Not so long ago people could make a living being the best-in-town. The best singer, the best photographer, the best story teller, the best magician. Even if they were only mediocre by global standards they could still make a career locally with their talents. With globalization, even very talented individuals must now compete on a worldwide scale. The prospect of local talent being commercially viable is quickly fading.

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Agreed because I never thought of that... but, if you consider a certain job skill to be a talent then I disagree. A lot of professions are local or have certain boundaries of service. So my dad's company, the best asphalt laying company in the land, is a modern local talent.

I disagree.

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@Shadi I disagree.

Cool, care to say more?

@VicZinc Cool, care to say more?

I will when I can compose my argument. For now, I leave this place holder.

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